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Originally Posted by Boogiewoo0 View Post
Ok I was just playing a game of GC. As the Empire, of course. The Rebels are insects and the Zann consortium seem to make it too easy because as far as I can tell not only can they corrupt planets and bribe their way to the weakest planets and make more money than other factions; Their units aren't weak enough to compensate for it. Like I said I was playing Galactic Conquest and I was doing all right. I had bought myself a Death Star defended by an Executor. I felt I was truly on my way to galactic conquest. When the Zann Consortium hit me like an anvil to the head. That IG-BB fellow went and hacked my Death Star; which destroyed my Executor, my planet, 3 star destroyers, and about 15,000 credits in buildings (it was a big planet!) Now I'm not sure, but I think the hack death star ability costs 20,000 credits. Is that really a fair price? They took out like 80,000 credits worth of stuff. It's not like I could remove the corruption either. Having just built many expensive things I didn't have many credits. No problem right? It was a large map and I was pulling in 6,000 credits a turn. Well as it turns out either the Zann Consortium was saving their credits, or they were making twice as many as me, because I ran out of credits trying to remove it and the corruption was spreading faster than the poor Emperor could get from planet to planet. As you can imagine it was rather frustrating because my building were now magically exploding at random intervals. As if that wasn't enough they added injury to insult by attacking me with 43 ships. I barely managed to defend my planet even with two hyper velocity guns, an interdictor, a level 5 space station, and a couple of frigates. I'm not happy with this new faction. They seem to have an undeniable advantage over the other factions.

Is there a mod or something that removes them from GC?
Yes, you are right. I played as the Empire in FOC and it was boring and was terrible. This is very annoying.

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