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Strange, it seems like I missed two poems.

I loved Childhood, it was a wonderful read and very relevant. I liked how you just skimmed over and around the hackneyed poetry topic of the loss of one's childlike innocence. It was well-written and a delightful little poem!

Bracelets and Prose had a great impact and came through very strongly, but it could have used some extra work. The writing wasn't upto the mark and I found a couple of errors. Still, it wasn't an awful poem and I enjoyed it.

Building Blocks of Life sounds like something I'd have in my 3rd-5th Grade textbooks, which is probably why I found it so charming. It was light and simple, easy to digest and worth a smile. I wouldn't say it was a terribly great poem.

Drat, I've got to run right now. I'll be back as soon as I can to check out Untitled.

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