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Originally Posted by RyuuKage View Post
it was a joke, but now that you bring that up....

how exactly would the constant struggle against your Sith associates work when everyone respawns? You might beat one guy in a fair fight, beat a second, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere the first guy comes in and whollops your severely weakened self...the Sith mentality kinda requires perma-death to function properly or it's just an endless civil war. Maybe they'll judge by the number of victories or something...
They won't have perma death for that exact reason. Nobody wants to get ganked after a hard fight by an annoying player and have to start the game all over from scratch.

They will probably have something like WoW's arena system. Battles between players of the same faction will be pitted, non-deathmatch events. And yeah, this is gonna run contrary to the Sith idea of kill or be killed, but lets face it, they're gonna have to do it that way if they want to keep players happy.

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