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Originally Posted by Bee Hoon View Post
Litofsky, indeed it is. They didn't part on good terms >.< plus Lei has had years to stew over it I based that on the vision of Revan in the caves on Korriban in TSL. So what does it say about his personality, hmmm? Well, actually I wrote that 'cuz it sounded dramatic But yeah, subsequently, I thought about it and it seemed true. Hee, indeed you will have to see, and what would you consider a letdown? Thanks for the great review, btw! I love detailed critiques!

P.S. Schozzlation is a state of mind! I DO NOT FEAR YOU!
So has Revan (or the time that he has remembered, and I imagine that your Revan is quite insightful).

Yes, I remember that vision quite well. What does it say about Revan as a person? Violet seems to be a Jedi color, but red's definitely Sith- perhaps he acknowledges that he is both Jedi and Sith (or perhaps neither?), and uses his realization to his advantage?

Letdown? That only occurs if the quality degrades significantly- which is impossible for Bee.

No problem for the critiques- in my experience, small reviews help the writer keep in touch with their fan base. SCHOZZOLATION IS INEVITABLE. Resistance is futile, Bee. Futile.
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