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Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
yup. I don't see how they can go "oooo this is gonna be so tough!" nobody wants to die repeatedly at level one just to beat the intro critter. It's gonna be like every other game with a creature close to your level. It'll be tought at the time, but looking back, it'll be the weakest thing in the world. That's always one of the downsides to making a massive creature, if it CAN eat your face, why DOESNT it?
Well I dunno, it might actually be brutally tough(without being insta-death). The real trick is how the character progression will work. I mean they have said that they won't use XP like we're used to. They have also said that character progression will be different. I know coming from an old style PnP RP background it's tough to imagine a departure from that. Maybe they'll pull it off. Heck it may be progression by finding holocrons or meeting some person on some quest, who knows at this point. I intend on figuring that out after the game comes out.
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