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Okay, let me update my thoughts here.

I just went into CEC again, and I noticed that of the essentially 4 forums in there, all but the "main" section are strictly for fan-fics.
The Jedi Archives
-finished fan-fics
The Resource Centre
-terminology for fan-fics
Tales from Javyar's Cantina
-fanfic competition

And then the main CEC section which is flooded with "unfinished" fan-fics.

I'mm make some specific suggestions here. Jedi Archives is for finished work, so turn "Tales from Javyar's Cantina" into a sticky topic within it. All works submitted don't need new topics, just a link in the sticky topic. If they need to be posted they can go in the Jedi Archives if they feel it's completed, or in the main forum, and link to them in the post that is the contest.

Change the description of "The Resource Centre" to include art as well. We artists need refs too if we're going to make something canon, that way I can go in and ask "what does *race* look like" so I can get my rendition straight.

Replace the now gone "Tales from Javyar's Cantina" with a section similar to Jedi Archives but for art.

Yeah, wow, I really hadn't noticed but almost the entirety of CEC is dedicated to writing.

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