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Exclamation Loading Problems

I just added about 8-12 maps off filefront to bf1. i put them in the addon section in game data. after downloading and installing/copying them into addon folder a started bf1, i waited for 3-6 minutes in the battlefrot loading screen (the blue one before the titles) and nothing hapened. Would like some help on this subject?

ps: have i put in too many maps?


I'm experiencing a new problem. I waited about 9-14 mins for the loading screen before the titles loaded. I then went to instant action and the maps camre up, i added them and am now currently waiting for the first one to load, it's been at least 5 mins. Also instead of the word where the wordloading should be on the blue loading screens, the map is now loading and loading word is replaced by '[null]'?

edit (1.1)

it still hasn't loaded!
here's a screen shot of the loading screen:

Could u help me with this problem too?

edit (1.2)
right ok, after twenty miutes the map loaded, AND AFTER 20 SECONDS THE GAME CRASHED.
A little help here guys please?

ps:also note that x-fire is running, but that shouldn't affect the game, should it?

edit (1.3)
ok so in the end i got to play the maps but it still takes ages to load, i would really appriciate it if somebody could help me with this.

i was also wondering:
is it possible to put the custom map folders in the 'LVL_PC' instead of the 'ADDON' folder. If anybody has an answer to this then please let me know.

i think the problem is my computer, but i very much doubt it cos i have an Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40ghz and 1gb of ram, my hard drive capacity is 320gb. I have klimewire installed on my pc could that be slowing it down even though it isn't running in the background while i'm playing. It wouldn't be my graphics card but heres the spec just incase:
NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 4400 (Microsoft Coperation XDDM). My OS is the 32-bit version of Windows Vista Home Premium.

edit (1.4)
i've just noticed that within some of the map folders there is a file callecd mapinfo.txt, ould this file be slowing down the loading procedure?

edit (1.5)
thought this might help, just incase you know of any bugs within the maps i added (NB: they were all downloaded off filefront and LucasFiles):

Eddies Q City-by Eddie
Eddie's Italia-by Eddie
(Saga Battles) Naboo Ouch Time-by PR-0927/Majin Revan
Kamino Nurioca City-(unknown developer)
Rhen Var Dirty Ice-by ObiAldKenobi
Jedi Temple:Training Hall (BETA)-by Lord_Bandu
Coruscant: City-by Rends
Kashyyyk Shores-by PR-0927/Majin Revan
Kamino: Jedi Invasion-by Vyse7
Kashyyyk: Landing Beech-by The Air (aka ThisIsBad)
Eddies Base 42-by Eddie
RLcT: SniperCity BETA 1.2-by NovaBlast
Kashyyyk: Kachircho-By dragonum

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