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2009 and Beyond!

OK, so. I kinda failed at doing stuff for the site during 2008. That makes me sad since I never forget about The Dig Museum. The thing is I often find myself struggling to put time on a lot of things I should (and want to) do.

Anyway, I've decided that the best course of action is to make things slowly and in tiny bits if it has to, but actually DO something.
So, I'm calling for all faithful visitors, old-timers and newbies alike, to suggest improvements!

I'm possibly going to redesign things a little bit. I think navigation could be a little bit easier, and cleanup sections too. I really need to improve the museum main page and that should be easy. I would like to implement RSS for the updates as well, but I would need some help on that.
What would you like to see? Fanart? (I'm willing to do that now, honest!) What do you think should go away? Yoda? (There is no real justification for that, I have to admit)

This time I WILL include the forum into the site, in the hope to make it flourish a bit.

Ok, so I'll just shut up, and let you do the talking now. What say you, spacemen?

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