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Originally Posted by Du Man View Post
What do I want to see? Well a gallery section, a review section, this penultimate section. What do I want to go away? All this "coming soon" stuff.
HA! good one. Now you are making me feel like a politician.

But seriously now. What would you like to see in all the "coming soon" stuff?

The PenUltimate section was an ambitious idea from when I was younger and bold. The idea was to make a flash interactive version of the PenUltimate 2000 I had designed. Besides it wasn't easy to make, I didn't really had good ideas for it's content. Not only all that which so far is more than enough to not make it... when I made it, as a "commercial PenUltimate made by Apple" it was cool and kind of a futuristic Palm. Now the iPhone came, which is like a PenUltimate 5000 and the one I made looks retro now.

BUT... yesterday I was thinking about this very thing... and I came up with a new and more exciting idea. So, here it goes... you tell me what you think:
Since the iPhone/iPod Touch is the real deal, we could make a call on the site, for any willing geniuses, to design some PenUltimate apps for the iPhone! How cool it would be if you could just click on your contacts faces (big avatars) to call them? and what better game to kill time on the subway than the Lunar Landing?! Yeah, I know, I'm brilliant.

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