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Hmmm I dunno. Crafting is one of my favorite things in SWG. Sometimes I really feel like not killin stuff. Of course I never listen to l33t 5p34k in game so in adam's example I wouldn't make them anything. So far though I only get respectful people asking me for stuff I craft. Of course I'm a Shipwright and a pretty well respected pilot on Flurry. On my imperial toon I took out a vette in a TIE(High Mass... variant... so I cheated a lil) just to prove it could be done hehe. Next I intend to try it with a scyk light. I have all the RE'd parts for it hehe....

Funny thing is I rarely see l33t on SWG. Maybe in PVP. But even that is rare. Usually it's only when someone is joking about l33t speak that I see it.

Anyways.... I think the crafting profs add a lot to the game. But I don't really think they have to be completely non-combat. I think rather than the prof, I'd rather see it as a subset of skills that you can take if you like it. I'd rather see the economy based around player crafted items than loot though.
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