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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
Just venting with he "l33t" stuff lol, my point is Crafting is non Star Wars, It's not something that I should be concerned with IMO
I agree that it shouldn't be it's own profession, but even Han and Chewie had to do a little crafting(well repairs haha... "No, This one goes here, That one goes there"). They also had to deal with merchants(Watto scenes). And of course engineering(Anakin EP1). While it isn't the main profession for them(well it was at the time for Anakin), they still had a need for skills other than fighting.

Before you make mention of how little they showed of crafting and non-fighting scenes, remember that there were more shots of people doing boring hum drum scenes than there were of bounty hunting. in the original trilogy, Boba Fett wasn't even originally in ANH(he was added for the SE, and Greedo was in the movie for how long?). We actually only saw droid medics. There weren't a bunch of commandos running around.

So I say crafting is as much Star Wars as bounty hunting is... oh and Han Shot First.
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