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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
You've actually agreed with me there in a sense, but regarding( "Before you make mention of how little they showed of crafting and non-fighting scenes" )
That's one of the cool things about Star Wars, as George himself said, there are lots of things happening around the place, crafters, farmers, spacers, aliens, drinking, brawling, shops, but it's all for effect and doesnt require enucleation to make you feel like the galaxy is a working "Real Place" it's just a prop not the reason your in that scene.

I understand a lot of people assume this game is "SWG 2, a present from us to you, for the NGE poo" but In the same vein I'm assuming this is for KotOR fans, and I dont want thing's in it that I find stop immersion or slow the game down etc. this is simply my opinion, not an educated expose' on the negative effect's of a player economy. I just think crafting as a separate Profession suck's
I think I said already that crafting shouldn't be it's own profession. I think it should be a set of skills you can pick. Maybe even be a trade apprentice of some sort.

But the interesting thing is that people want Bounty Hunting in the game even though they actually showed more crafting than bounty hunting(funny isn't it).

And there are very few people saying they want this to be SWG2. Mostly it is people saying, "Hey this is something I liked from SWG, and it worked well, Can we have something like that in TOR?"

I think a lot of people have made pre-CU out to be better than it was. The biggest noticable flaw(but certainly not the only) was the absolute lack of content. It was just Grind, grind, grind. Sure the RP of the game was real good, but as for actual story, NONE. Zero. Zilch.
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