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^It's possible, although harder, but gives you more unpredictable moves and more damage. Do you know Lu Bu from Dynasty Warriors 6 (sorry for off-topic)? He's doing fine with his Quad Ji or Double Voulge. Tri Blade shouldn't be very difficult for a very skilled double-bladed lightsaber wielder like Darth Maul and Exar Kun.

Originally Posted by GwannaSauna View Post
The X and Y Saber!

X Saber:
An X-shaped lightsaber with 4 blades (Ouch... )

Y Saber:
A Y-shaped lightsaber with 3 blades
Let's hope someone hear that and make some cool concept arts. Hope the resolution is big.

Originally Posted by HIGH ON PIE 14 View Post
Hmm, maybe a lightsaber that cout have an attachable gun handle, and shoot blaster bolts? I know thats stretching it ...

Urgh, lightchucks...

George Lucas won't allow gunblade or FF or any anime/manga contents to enter Star Wars. Sorry to spoil your dream, but face the reality. Star Wars is a classy and awesome story, not some childish anime story.

I write childish anime story, because in fact those stories just talk about ridiculous power and stupidly forget about basic physics. All they talk is about being the strongest, being the greatest, and act like a cool cold guy. Oh God, I hate Naruto, One Piece, and especially Death Note. And they always insult Christian. Notice that they wear those cross-shaped necklace. And pray to Jesus but kills people like kills animal. B*stard anime writers. And the stupid thing is, many Christians love anime/manga. Heresy. Blasphemy.

Sorry if I insult anime/manga. No offense for those who love anime/manga. Just my opinion.

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