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LordOfTheFish's Poetry Without Tears

This is my first attempt at poetry since 4th grade so please, don't flame me.


Blindness over took me as I walked on.
Life went blank as I became confused.
Dare I think, dare I move, my sences gone.
Show my weakness and cry for help?
Hope for understandment floats away.
I cant wisper nor yell.
As I lay and die on this glorius day.
Blindness over took me just this way.

How tradgic it is for any soul.
When no one reaches a hand to the week at all.
In this city there is not loyality, no unity.
People cheat, they lie, as I lay here and die.
Blindness... Please leave.


Here's one about fish. It should be read in a Doctor Seuse like manor.

What Fish Do

Fish will dance, fish will sing.
Fish will play, fish will swing.
Fish will eat, and fish will drink.
Fish will swim, in your sink.
Fish will jump, fish will fly.
Fish will hit you with a pie.
Fish will read, and fish will write.
Fish will help you fly a kite.
No matter what a fish may do.
It's probably meant to annoy you.
So next time you see a fish remember this day.
Be smart, and stay far far away!


Hope you enjoyed it.

Have a nice day

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