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Originally Posted by Deac View Post
I honestly can't believe it. Here I am, sat supposedly working in the uni computer lab, showing this someone else who used to RP on Forums, and here you guys all are!

I'd love to start this up again in some way, shape or form. The Cantina was meant a lot to me during it's prime.

A reboot might be needed, or maybe just a simpler summary, as we've got DC comics complicated in here these days.

Whatever happens, it's good to see you guys back here again.
Yay, Deac! Good ta see you.

"DC comics complicated"... yeah, I think that's a pretty good description there. XD (You know, I taught a comics class at my university...)

I'm going to go with BD's idea as a solution, as I said earlier.

I figure I'll ask Admiral and Cracken if they want to be dragged back in once we've got this back together.

Anyone wanna put a time skip to a vote? I'll just go with the majority.

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