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Originally Posted by Monoliths View Post
Nah he admit he was being a bit idoitc and has since rejoined. Pretty most of our member base know each other from a previously roleplay so yeh

Whats wrong with roleplay anyway? OJP is awesome for roleplaying.

Many roleplayers feel themselves to be superior in one way or another to other players, and refuse to learn to fight properly, and disregard skill completely. (An initiate might be polite, and whoop the Jedi master's ass, but they'll just act like nothing ever happened.)

Many roleplayers seem to think that OJP is awesome for roleplaying but still maintain the old combat-style of non-ojp mods, and totally ignore the fact that kicking people down is an option now, rather than killing someone in a spar and then pretending he or she never died.

Many roleplayers seem to think that ''forceregentime 0'' is realistic.

The concept of roleplaying though, there's nothing wrong with that.

URPC was another RP Community that fell apart due to internal conflicts.

Protip: lern2play cuz if max keeps his current mindset RP-ers will be forced to use the old version, lest they want to be obliterated in the new version.

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