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The events of TOR affects SW canon?

TOR is taking place in a war... Do you think players would affect the outcome of the entire war? Wield positions of power? And would there be a possibility of it becoming canon?

With them making the choices having real consequences, perhaps they could make the story 'un-abusable', you know, the same way they'll stop nutters running around with L337Sp34K names.

It would make the game so much more spine tinglingly, brain zappingly, pupil-dilatingly, immersive!

[edit] (<-- a statement used to be here that misrepresented the thread's topic. my mistake.)

And IMO that, would be plain outragafantasmafically, Awesome.

[edit]what i mean is "what do you think of the devs making it so that eventual outcome of the game that will be published be affected in any way by the players. and it becoming canon?"

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.

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