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Originally Posted by Monoliths View Post
I also don't really require protips, I know how to play and so do a lot of our members. The system of learning OJP is great roleplay training for many because the combat system is fairly complex and hard to get use to. If I look at other mods which are out there like JA+/Movie Battles I still think OJP is the best for roleplay/ffa and w.e
Many roleplayers claimed they were great at OJP / knew how to play.

Of course they were capable, inside their own community. When they went to Jask's server (dead) they would suddenly be on the bottom of the ladder.

Originally Posted by Monoliths View Post
I know how roleplay works and many of our communities members know the 'ubering' way of roleplaying and it is highly against our rules. We have force points for each rank, as that rank you are required too roleplay it or you will be asked to change your points or get kicked.
Wait, you're required to ROLEPLAY it at that rank. So people are required to play as if they suck at the game if their rank is low?

Thing is someone with 40 skillpoints can still beat the crap out of someone with 150 skillpoints. Many roleplayers disregard the 40 skillpoints players proficiency in the combat system.

Even worse, one time I heard some people wouldn't be promoted in the RP (other server) because their skill + their ''upgraded'' rank would make them too powerful lol.

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