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Originally Posted by JesusIsGonnaOwnSatan View Post
do you like the idea of the entire outcome determined by the collective, major actions of players? (not the little insignificant ones) or not?
If it is properly story-driven, the possible outcomes will already be decided, or at least such stands to reason. As with previous KotOR installments, with alternate endings, I think it will be much more likely that one possible ending - with one defined type of character (e.g. LS Jedi male called Revan, or with a generic title), an one faction triumphing (almost inevitably the Republic)

The more minor details will probably be overlooked - like crafting skills, the outcome of minor quests, actual appearance and whatnot.

In short, I doubt we will have control at all. However, it may be good if they keep ALL details beyond the over-arching storyline out of canon. That way people will feel free to create their own unique characters, rather than stick to the canon.

So in short, I would prefer that only the situation, brief details of (say) instanced battles (if they are to be present), the major npc villain and hero leaders, and the inevitable 'Glory to the Republic and the Jedi' ending be canonised, and the lesser details be left in the ether.

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