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Originally Posted by Kj°len View Post
Fealiks is never serious. He's sort of like a self-recriminating disease.
"Wow, doesn't it suck that you have me?"
Yes, Fealiks, it does.
Have you ever been reported to the FBI as a suspected bearer of child porn? You have now.

Nah, just kidding. But, robearth, you actually haven't missed out on a lot. Over the past four or so years I've made nearly as many posts as I've made in other forums in about a month. I joined this forum when I was a youngling with little comprehension of a forum, so I understand how you felt before. Just imagine that but with a few more years of confused conversation and a vague sense of friendship with the others tacked on to it. And we're really only as much a community now as a dozen people who get the same train on a saturday are a community. We used to be as much a community as a very large family in a very large house, passing each other from time to time, engaging in idle chit chat every now and then, but now we've gone down a notch. It's kind of like a weekly family reunion here.
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