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No no it's even worse, all of their members start off with 250 points. The only diffrence between the ranks is that the higher ranks are allowed to spend more points, which means there's no diffrence in rp.
thats only for top ranks, seems too work ok for us bear in mind there not much difference from middle rank too top rank.

Of course they were capable, inside their own community. When they went to Jask's server (dead) they would suddenly be on the bottom of the ladder.
I've been on many ojp servers and had fairly good score 2/3.

Wait, you're required to ROLEPLAY it at that rank. So people are required to play as if they suck at the game if their rank is low?
its rp and our mid-ranks/padawan/apprentice are all pretty much the same. A padawan has the skill to take a master down (if they know how too play)

I just use the default settings that came with the OJP server config. What exactly is a 'good' setting for dodgeregen then?
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