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I really think that this anti-RP sentiment has got to stop. So what if there are more RP servers than FFA servers? It's the number of dedicated people who go to a server that makes the game fun, not how many servers there are (except that for some people the ping would be a whole lot better if the server's located on the same continent). We have a small community as it is, is it really necessary to drive more away?


250 points is way too much. 150 is a bit more reasonable, and it allows for the more RP-like customization that the current XP system is designed for. That way, nobody can really get anything and everything and imposes a very real necessity that people choose wisely. How you as an RP community wants to dole out 150 points is up to you, we should have no say, merely suggestions.

I don't think the default server config was that ridiculous for DP - the default rate is 1000, iirc. I suggest g_saberanimspeed set at 1.0-1.1, g_forceregentime = 250-350 (default of 500 may be too slow), g_dodgeregentime = 1000, and g_mishapregentime = 3000.

Taunts shouldn't be used to affect gameplay, it doesn't bring anything of appreciable value in an FFA setting, which is where we base our development. Features that are good for RP are a beneficial side-effect of that.

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