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I'm not quite sure what you mean, but I'm pretty sure I don't mean anything except that I think she looks too curvaceous in her bodysuit.
i mean the same thing. *cough* yes.
but thats nothing compared to the visual assault you get a beach/pool!
the worst thing is when you're sitting there, staring blankly at a wall thinking of something. then you realize you're staring directly at a girl with 2% of clothing on. so you look away and you can practically taste the looks people are giving you... "perv."
trust me, its happened more than once.
so the next time you hang around a body of water, think of the poor christian guy and cover up!

she looks pretty nice in a maroon Jedi Robe I got in a mod...
can you give me the link for that mod?

I never talk to Jolee long enough to get to his wife, lol.
*gasp!* you dont talk to jolee?? some of that stuff is the best dialogue in the game!

Yes...yes you did...Jolee hittin' on Bastilla...
bastila would hit jolee. hard.

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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