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Originally Posted by neon_git View Post
It's very simple: if you don't want the product because of the DRM or whatever other reason ... don't buy it!

Just because it has DRM doesn't make you entitled to a free copy. Stop trying to justify yourself, what you did was wrong and you know it. Man up and buy a copy.
It goes like this:
Bought EA-made/published games, each protected by SecuROM.
Installed a few Sims 2 Expansions.
DVD drive ceased to function.
Sony Support acuses me of Piracy, refuses to replace my CD drive
Replacement CD drive turns out to be impossible due to the way this PC is built
Bought new game, tried to install, failed, money back not given due to open packaging
Piracy of SecuROM-enabled games begins in protest of Sony because of their stupidity
New PC not possible because believe it or not you need money for this sort of thing, something I don't have a lot of and need for other things, such as food which I need to survive. Buying a new PC is not a priority.

I also, would never, ever purchase ANYTHING that is not guaranteed to be DRM-free. Because of this I'm against many things such as Steam, Direct2Drive, iTunes and a lot more. Think of it as vegetarianism or religion, people have thier own values and should be allowed uphold them.

And if it helps, I immediately removed AVS after discovering it didn't work, I would also not condone piracy because I'm not a fan of it. I only download games/software that:
A) I have bought but have uninstalled and cannot reinstall either because of damaged media or this Sony-killed DVD drive
B) Are no longer commercially avaliable
C) Have Open Source components (as I believe that something should not be part-Open Source)
D) Made by EA or "protected" with SecuROM or Starforce
E) Is totally and completely ridiculously licensed or poorly made and undeserving of my money

There, I made my point and decresed the popularity of MI2SP by 20 points.

And of course, scolding me for being a pirate is probably completely hypocritcial because I GUARANTEE you have downloaded music illegally. Think of those bands that have lost money because you downloaded their music.

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