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Originally Posted by machievelli
McLaine, Town Marshal
Astor Kaine

NonSW: A Marshall in the old west around his duties.

The story is well done, the use of proper weapon’s terminology, such as period guns made it almost perfect.
I've got a LOT of books and experience with the relevant weapons - i've even got a few replicas - Colt SAAs (Peacemakers), Colt Navy, an 1892 Winchester, and a Volcanic Pistol (a smaller version of the Volcanic Rifle, which lead to the Henry, and then the Winchester).

The only thing I can think of is you didn’t set the period clearly. You have weapons proper from 1870 to 1900, but then say the marshall is paid 5 dollars a day, which is a pay scale closer to the 1920s.
For the record, it's set around 1882 - i'll adjust the pay scale to something more suitable later on (2 dollars seems about right).

Also, Marshall is an assigned or hired state or Federal post while Sheriff is a local paid position in that time.
I've always found a bit of confusion with the two terms - the research i've found is that in some places, the two terms were used interchangeably, which would also cause some problems when dealing with Federal Marshals.

If I recall, it's just the title that uses 'Marshal', and 'Sheriff' in the rest of it, but i'll have a look through and make any changes.

Thanks for the review!
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