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I've compared the two vista fix files located on KOTORFiles and the TG thread. They are the exact same file with the exact same file size. The file on KOTORFiles was posted on January 1st, 2008. The file on the TG thread was posted in July 08. So if anything was changed to the file the most recent would be the TG posted file. So just to be safe I'd get the file from the TG thread anyway.

I hope the TG thread on the Team Gizka forums gets stickied. I've just checked and the TG thread has been requested to be stickied. I hope it gets stickied.

Yes now we need to see if these mod tools work on Vista to mod K1-2. The game now works on Vista, but its a question about the tools. I'm not sure though that we'll be able to get someone to confirm that soon in that many that have KOTOR still have XP because before this fix that's what they had to use. So I'm just guessing most of the community is using XP and very few have a second computer with Vista. I could be wrong though. I hope so.

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