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There is some specific tweaking that seems to pull it off some for some nvidia cards. I have the details and can post them here later. I havent checked the mirror universe ()thread but imagine its the same thing >> its all lifted from Obsidians forums anyway.

The one irritating thing with when people say "yo it dont work" is they often dont post their full specs, output rez and driver GPU driver version. These factors are vital for us trying to help out, and for others checking to see if they may have the same issue

Hence to practise what I preach:

K1 and K2 are working (with fixes) on this rig:

Vista x64 Ultimate with SP1
Shuttle SN27P2 /Propietary mainboard
AMD x2 6000+
EVGA 8800GTS 640MB running 180.8 beta drivers >1600p output via DVI-D
Realtek Hi def audio drivers ALC882
Mss32.dll fix and widescreen patch
DirectX November 2008
all in XP SP2 compat mode in an admin account

if you have it working too/or not >> post your specs !


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