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Sam and Max Wii graphics.

Hi everybody,

Let me first point out that I'm a great fan of Sam and Max.
I got introduced to them by Hit the Road and I've been collecting everything from them since.
I was very pleased when I heard about the new series by Telltale games.

After getting a couple of episodes for the PC, I heard a Wii version was coming up. I decided to put down my mouse and wait for it, because what could be better then playing a Point Click Adventure on your television screen?

Well after months and months of waiting the game finally got released here in the Netherlands. I got it for Sinterklaas (the real Santa Claus) and started playing it immediately.
After Sam said, "Remember our trip to the Moon Max?", I noticed something.
Instead of looking at the funny picture of Sam and Max with paper bags on their heads on the moon. I looked at a pixular blur of colours.
When looking closer at things, I discovered that the textures are of a really low resolution. Not just lowres, but like Playstation one res...

I just have to look at Peepers blurry eyes or Sybil's pixular fire curtains and I just loose all the fun of playing the game.
Why was this decision made? Why are all the textures so low res?
Even Sam's tie, hat and buttons look blurry...
I've seen much better graphics on the Wii, and the PC version looks great.
Why did they do this?!?

I'm just very dissapointed...

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