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My strategy is to ignore them entirely.

As Rebs - Spawn at the Homestead, get in a Speeder, blast a few early-spawning Tuskens on the way to the Sandcrawler, park in front of the Sandcrawler and use your vehicle as cover while you crouch in back of the CP til it's taken. Toggle between defending it and defending the Homestead from the (relative) safety of your Speeder. Don't engage Walkers directly unless you're next to an R5.

As Imps - Spawn at the Crawler, hop on a speeder bike, zoom to the Homestead and take it. The Rebs never spawn inside the Homestead, so if you crouch next to the medbot, they won't even know you're there. By the time the Tuskens are a threat, you should have spawned a Walker there. Sandpeople have no rockets, no mines and no defense against vehicles.
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