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NEWS-Double Fine opens "Psychopedia"

What is a Psycho-pedia? Why, a user-modifiable database of all the world’s Psychonauts knowledge. A compendium of Psycho-lore. We put some information in there about the world, characters, and art of Psychonauts, but it’s still a work in progress. We will continue to add to it over time, but we’re hoping you will too. Please sign up and add articles, facts, spelling corrections, fan art, whatever you want! And then, as the Psycho-pedia grows, its mass will increase and so will it’s gravitational pull. It will become bigger and stronger with each new article and every passing moment. Soon nothing will be able to escape the pull of the PSYCHO-PEDIA! Not even light! Soon, Yvette Mimieux will come aboard to investigate, and will will perturb her with our robots!
Actual Psychonauts news? I feel like Thrik over on his Brutal Legend board.

Oh crud, yeah check it out over here.

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