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I was a little disappointed by the port. I realize that the Wii is a Wii, but the games were pretty low-end PC games. I just thought the translation would be smoother. And in addition to the game basically looking like the PC version on the lowest graphical setting, it's a bit choppy and there are lines that occasionally get cut out. I'm also not sure why for the later episodes the title simply doesn't show up, or why in Culture Shock the supposed Boston Baked Beans gumball machine looks like it just has regular gumballs in it, but for all the other episodes it has the right contents. Overall though the port is solid and never crashed on me or anything like that. I imagine, being that I know nothing about the processes behind porting a game, that they did the best they could with it, and it is damn satisfying to play a Sam & Max game with your Wiimote on the couch. I would just only recommend it to people who don't have the PC option (which is unlikely considering most PCs ought to be able to run these games). I'm one of those people who was always going to get Sam & Max Wii no matter what, because buying everything Sam & Max is how I roll. It'll be interesting to see how the Season 2 port fares. Maybe they'll be able to improve it, but on the other hand the Season 2 episodes might have some slightly more sophisticated effects going on.
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