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Originally Posted by Bee Hoon View Post
“Lei.” It was more sigh than word.

“I believe this is the part where I use my feminine wiles to help you relax and to make you a slave to my will.” She grinned mischievously.

“You should.”

“Dream on.”

“I will.” He fully expected the smack that he received.


“Who is this ‘Atton’?”

“Who is this ‘Bastila’? Same thing.”

“You mean you-!”

“No. But there, we have it—you took advantage of sweet, innocent Bastila. Tsk, Revan.”

He choked at that. Wiping his watering eyes, he asked hesitantly, “But you and him-“

“I care for him,” she stated.

Revan looked away, and a confused welter of thoughts bubbled up. I am sad. I am happy if she’s happy. At least she hasn’t been alone. I’ve lost her for good. Serves me right. You never had her in the first place. Jedi must not love. I’m not a Jedi. We aren’t any more. What does it matter?


Revan’s lips were so close to her skin that he could feel the warmth radiating off it. After a long moment, he pulled away and instead whispered, “I need you to be happy.”

Maybe love is the right kind of need.
I quoted a whole bunch, Bee, but those were my absolute favorite parts of the chapter. The tension/reviving passion between these two characters was expertly done. I really don't have any more to say than that I absolutely loved it, and I want MOAR.
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