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Coruscant Entertainment Center

Star Wars: Realms of Honor

after Heart of the Guardian and before Heart of Deception: The Force moves in mysterious ways.

The basics are good, the set up for the battle interesting in that the ‘good’ guys are still harping on the rules while the ‘bad’ guys are busily breaking them.

Pick of the Week

The Ebon Hawk Hijinks
High On Pie 14

Post TSL: The heroes describe the events in the Tarisian UnderCity with a twist.

I have to admit that this amused me greatly. I did wonder what Bee cut out, but if I really want to know, I’ll ask…

All right, I give up. One of you two send me a pm and tell me!

Pick of the week.

Prologue: Mass Effect II: Reaping

Remember that a racial name (turian for example) is like a national one, so it should be capitalized.

The basics are good so far, the piece needs editing, but no one has ever escaped that when I hold the pen.

I was asked to supply our new commander, and I hope to see more of this.

One for Arcesious

Undetermined time before ROTS: A battle in space

The descriptions could use some work. It took me a moment to figure out (Visualizing a Republic Nebulon Frigate) to get the first descriptive statement. Remember that flow is important. If you toss in an odd description, it impedes that flow.

The scenes were well done, and the surprise on both sides when the micro jump placed them so close together was choice.


TSL Aboard Ebon Hawk, no specific section given: A roundabout way to ask…

The piece started of slowly, but once it began rolling it was like watching a train wreck, something you don’t want to see, but have to watch.

My favorite was how you skated skirted and danced around the one question that would have violated the PG13 rating here, and I enjoyed how you did. The end was interesting because I have to wonder, who deleted the data?

Kado Sunrider

Directly after ROTJ: Anakin faces those he betrayed.

The piece was short sweet, and well done. As we know from the end of ROTJ, Anakin was accepted among the Jedi that had gone on,.


One Breath

TSL in the Trayus Academy: The Exile teaches Sion the importance of letting go.

The piece has been praised to the skies already. All I can add is this;

Pick of the Week

From the Journal of M.V.

A Year post TSL: The Disciple will not let go of his memories, even if he doesn’t remember.
The story flowed well, and compelled you to go further. Considering what little time I have to read more of someone’s work, I was drawn further and further and finally had to stop myself from going further, because I would have never finished my article this week.

But I think I ‘ll be back…

Pick of the Week


TSL At Trayus Academy: Sometimes the darkness is inside us

The piece is cold hard and poignant. I am sure I have read it before, but there is no record that I had. Maybe I did and never wrote a review.

Pick of the week.

A Loose End

TSL After the defeat of Kraya: There’s just one destination remaining…

The piece was short but when I was done I hungered for more. The feeling both of Atton and the Exile resonated, and I wanted to find out what happened next.

Pick of the Week

For Luck

TSL on Dxun: Just for luck…

The piece is short, but like the previously reviewed work, it made me want more.

Pick of the Week

From the Ashes Part I

Post TSL: Atton wants to be left alone… Can Mira break through to him?

Romances when it’s not Exile/Atton are rare, and this one has much promise. Having Mira not only in love with Atton but doing everything she can to drag him back ins an interesting view.

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