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Eternal Vigilance-A Republic Guild

[ Faction: Galactic Republic | Server Region: North America (w/ international community) | Alignment: Gray | All play-styles welcome | Roleplay friendly, not required. | Seeking all classes, Jedi and non-Jedi alike. ]

Eternal Vigilance

Greetings, wanderer!

We have been watching you. The eternally vigilant know that you seek an organization to call home – you too feel the yearning to play a role in the coming struggle. I must remain discrete, however, my superiors have authorized me to answer your questions... to an extent.

What is Eternal Vigilance?

I can tell you that we are citizens of the Republic. Our loyalty to the Galactic Republic stands firm. Recent events, however, have caused us to lose faith in the standing government's methods. We believe it is time to step forth and accomplish that which the Republic and its Jedi protectors are too reticent to do. The Sith must be stopped at all costs. If the restrictive Jedi Code will not allow the Jedi to act in a manner that is commensurate to the threat, we shall. Take that to mean what you will, but one patriot to another? We don't believe the dark side exists. It is a figment of a fearful imagination, invented for simpletons that cannot distinguish inherently bad intentions. One must utilize all methods at his disposal. It is our wish to protect the lives of the men and women of the Republic, and we care little for the myths that so distract the very group that this Republic depended upon for its protection.

OOC: Eternal Vigilance is a Republic guild with a predominantly 'gray' alignment. We possess strong opinions about the Jedi Order's failure to act, and our theme reflects this. We will do “everything" necessary to protect the Republic; this includes playing in the dark when the situation demands it. Despite appearances, we do not label ourselves a roleplaying guild. We simply believe that it increases immersion; you do not need to be a roleplayer to want to belong to a guild that seeks to blend into the game! In reality, we cater to all play-styles – casual to hardcore, PvE to PvP, crafters, roleplayers and so forth. The guild aims to be well-rounded and competitive in all arenas, supportive of all of its members and their various pursuits. We think versatility increases the fun factor.

Why have you sought me out?

Because, my friend, your head is not muddled with notions of appeasement like the dawdling politicians on Coruscant, nor obstinate righteousness like the Jedi Order. If a thief held your neighbor at knifepoint, would you hesitate to strike him down? A treacherous Empire holds a blade to the Republic's throat! – will you act? Of course you will. We seek to renew the front lines with strategically minded individuals such as you. The very fate of the galaxy depends upon every man's decision to play his cards wisely. We offer you an avenue to take the fight to the Sith alongside men and women who share your belief that the Republic is worth saving.

OOC: At the core, a guild is a collection of like-minded players who share a common belief in the same basic values. This is often the first test that so many guilds fail – you cannot progress unless you've a plan to perpetuate these values, to attract members that place equal importance in them. For years, we have operated under this belief – and for years, we have reaped the benefits. So it is no wonder that when aspiring recruits ask us what we seek in new members, we shout it from the rooftops: MATURITY! Let there be no mistaking it. Maturity is the foundation by which we judge all applicants.

We seek others that wish to help us carry the torch of a gaming community that has built its reputation on the values of respect, maturity, and teamwork. We are a group of people that know how to create a fun environment for ourselves and the people around us, and who did something about it.

I'm in – where do I sign?

Easy there! In due time you shall proudly consider yourself among the eternally vigilant. You must prove yourself first.

OOC: If we've piqued your interest, we welcome you to stop by and spend some time with our community. I think you'll be impressed by the level of activity on our forums, and the degree to which we've organized ourselves. Our charter is the product of many restless nights spent debating the finer points of guild mechanics. We think it's something to be proud of.

Our application process is designed to identify individuals that don't share our ideals. If you don't pass it, it simply means we don't think you're destined to walk down the same path we have chosen. As mentioned before, we think it's vital to maintaining cohesion that we only invite like-minded players. Click on the 'Apply' link on our website for a description of the process to petition for membership, and give it your best shot. We look forward to having you as a valuable member of our community.

Thank you for your time,

"I dreamt that I would single-handedly defeat the dark side, that I would make a difference, change the galaxy… the galaxy, however, has changed me."

|Eternal Vigilance|
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