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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
Well I think I'll be annoying and address the PS3 and Xbox360 version on this thread.

This thing is just outrageously tough and delivers a huge blow if you are run over. In addition to that annoying Maris Brood, you are more likely to die from one mistake than from an effective strategy.

On Sith Lord difficulty level, your most effective attack is one or two lightsaber throws in between charges. When the thing comes at you, it's more important to avoid being crushed by it than delivering another attack. After jumping over it, you can either deliver a flurry of lightsaber attacks, or get distance and make two charged lightsaber throws. If it's coming at you and you haven't made the second charged throw, don't and then get out of the way!

Maris in a real issue because she can knock you down, so if the creature slams into you even once, you lose a fraction of your health multiple times as remains on top of you. If she is near while it charges, only use force repulse if you know you can get out of the way in time. Otherwise, you risk getting slammed by the thing... and she can't die for some reason here.
I don't have the PS3 or Xbox360 so I would not know. So you may have a point there. Another thing, I have not played the Sith Lord difficulty level yet because I have not (in my opinion) beaten the first difficulty yet. Like I said here:
Originally Posted by ZimmMaster
I do not consider the game beaten unless I have done both endings, collected all the holocrons, saber crystals, and saber hilts.
Once I have done all of the above I'll go to the next difficulty level. One last thing though. The others who have posted in this thread don't think my strategy is difficult.

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