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It's been over a year since this thread was last updated, and I really should apologise for that, but I will state here that the project has by no means been abandoned.

Work has been slower in the last year due partly to a lot of real-life-related stuff, and partly to taking on new stuff in the community, including beta-ing/advising on a few mods more than is possibly wise. In the last year, I have released ~9 mods of varying sizes and shapes, but which nevertheless have taken time to produce.

The plus side is that these have cleared some of my previous backlog of ideas. The negative side of this is that I was a) exhausted by July, and b) worked less on Rhen Var as a consequence.

Nevertheless, I am continuing to work on this project, although the current focus, and indeed the focus of the last year, is on rewriting the plot to a satisfactory level. What is satisfactory? Nothing less than something as well-written as TSL itself, while retaining some of its own stamp, branching, choice and consequence, widespread skill/attribute checks and usage, etc. This kind of thing, perhaps unsurprisingly, takes a lot of time and effort, and also isn't very visual, so doesn't make for exciting updates.

I have also become increasingly aware of the shortcomings of the visual aspects of the mod, and more importantly, how to overcome that, and have been trying to improve both my skinning and modelling for the mod, so many of the items/skins you've seen previously in this thread will be undergoing a fairly large overhaul before release.

Which is not to say that I haven't done some stuff on Rhen Var (and my other mods, too) that I am willing/able to show here. Just perhaps not as much as you might expect, so if this update seems late, small and a little pathetic, you've been warned.

Two examples of a robe set I've been playing with a little. Very much a WIP so expect updates when they come.

Seriously, though, nothing final on those two. I'm thinking probably to replace the Star Forge robe model. At present, I can't think of an appropriate female body model to use for a female set, so this may be MRevan-only.

Sword that I have in the works. As of the current time, the model is pretty well complete, and skinning is the primary concern. Based on an SWG model.

These two are, as the second one says, khopeshes. An adaption of the axe, these sickle-swords were primarily used in Egypt until c.1300 BC. A lot of examples only have one sharpened edge, but double-edged examples are known, and besides, it looks cooler.

Oh, and the overdone look for the second shot is just because I was playing around in GIMP.

I may try my hand at skinning a version to replace Naga Sadow's Poison Blade with a unique model, but otherwise these go straight onto the Rhen Var pile. Naturally, slashing bonuses will be included, as well as cultifying of the sword to a level roughly equal with the katana.

Not really done for any good reason, but these may crop up later, suitably redone. At the moment, a prelim. of what a Republic-themed reskin of the Leviathan bridge might look like. Mostly done to keep my hand in on area reskinning.

Finally, this head. Again. Very much updated from last time, but still far from final. Again, feedback, please.

EDIT: Forgot to mention it, but the module tutorial is still very much in the works, too. But don't take my word for it: See some amazing edited grass settings !
(This is the point where you're bitterly disappointed, btw. )

That's all for now, but I hope to be updating more frequently this year.
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