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I really like that Star Forge robe lookalike armor (the one on the third screenshot). It seems like a perfect match for a Jedi. Though it is very difficult to see from the small screenshot, I think the gloves look a bit too flat. I may be wrong, though. Perhaps the only problem is the color; try changing it to the color of the majority of the robe.

The head looks pretty good also, though it's still too much like Dorak's (was that his name?). Perhaps try expanding his beard a bit; I think the model would allow it. Also, the eyes look a bit flat. My skins had the same problem, but luckily redrob41 mentioned it, so I think I'll just quote what he said to me:

I notice that the iris of her eyes looks a little flat. I know that it is a problem with a lot of the original K1 textures. In the TSL faces, the eyes have a little more dimension to them (highlights and shadows). A good example from TSL is PMHC04A.tga. Here is a decent, yet simple tutorial to illustrate what I mean: Eye Tutorial. Step 3 in particular, but with the light source coming straight down. It's a small detail (the iris) that would add a lot of depth to all your new textures.
That's all of the feedback I have at the moment. Keep up the good work!

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