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Originally Posted by Jona View Post
Hi. I had actually been thinking about a project like this myself for a looong time

Anyway, I have the tools set up to dump all the cutscenes directly to png and wavs, losslessly, if that might be of any assistance whatsoever

And I'm a sound engineer if that is needed.

Drop me a PM if this sounds interesting.

EDIT; AND I have very good knowledge of the game and it's inner workings, if that counts for anything.
Yeah,sure....My pleasure to have a techie like you...Actually speaking,the rendered output of the film will contain no audio data,it requires that we add audio seperately (after editing the video)...So all this means,I will need your help..and I think it would drastically reduce the time needed to make the movie...I will send you the cutscenes one by one as and when they are rendered and you could perhaps add some audio to it....We will work on this together,very soon,perhaps after my Grim Fandango Blog is done.


I would like to thank Each and Every member who posted here personally...that includes JagJedi, Caedeus Erkter, the late D. Hurley, Thaatiba and Jona.

A big Thank you goes out to ALL my well-wishers.

Good Day.
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