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Kroms, I recommend the Rork series by Andreas. Also, the first 20 albums of Thorgal.

Same as you I tried to read Watchmen this year, but somewhere in the middle I decided to just skim it till the end. Despite the interesting premise it was a bit dull. Batman: The Killing Joke and V for Vendetta are the only comics from Alan Moore I've read so far that I'd honestly describe as exquisite.

Bone started out great, but the story went into a direction I didn't particularly enjoy (less humor and variety and the whole focus went to some epic quest I don't even remember anymore).

The Dark Knight Returns and the first Sin City novel are probably the best quality stuff from Miller. Lone Wolf and A Cub - the gritty manga that inspired his style greatly - is on similar level.

Some other greats: Slaine: The Horned God and Slaine: Treasures of Britain.

I also enjoyed a lot the three Corto Maltese albums I tried. It's a series that was referenced in Tim Burton's Batman for some reason.

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