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New skeleton

Is it possible to create a new (for example nonhuman) skeleton? What programm could be used for it? I tried to create a new (very simple) skeleton for a nonhuman model in Softimage XSI 6.01 Mod Tool, I did hierarchy, bones weighting, simple animation and exported to xsi 3.0. It was a miracle, but carcass made .gla and .glm without mistakes. When I opened my model in ModView it looked perfect, but when I tried to play animation It all was messed up, I mean model was moving but not the way it should (wrong direction). After that i did another animation just for another test but now when i try to compile it carcass displays 'cubic keys' error...
I know that there are models with custom skeletons (droideka and acklay_mst for example) so it's possible, but how? Maybe there is a tutorial or something?...
P.S. sorry for my english...
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