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Originally Posted by DarthYuugi View Post
Intresing on the Star forge robe idea
Heheh, thanks.

Maybe if you're any good in modelling you should make a female version to match the Male's
I might look into that, although I've never dabbled much with the Replacer Tool.

The Leviathan bridge thing looks nice as well
Thanks, but I'm not quite happy with it. The consoles stand out way too much, and some of the texturing looks decidedly dodgy. I may update that at some point; to be honest, it's pretty low-priority.

Originally Posted by Exile007
Heh, greatly understand were you're coming from DI, nevertheless this will make any kind of mod much better. You should feel proud of yourself though, not many people (myself included) can sit down are re-write an idea continually until they're 100% satisfied.
It's not easy or necessarily much fun, I'll admit; but as you say, in the end the finished product will be that much better.

Originally Posted by Exile007
Glad to see this thread updated though! Looking forward to some new updates!
Thanks, so am I!

Originally Posted by Marius Fett View Post
Glad to see you've not dropped Rhen Var Darth.
After this long it'd be rather galling to do so now, IMO. Besides, I get the feeling there'd be a lynch mob after me if I did.

Originally Posted by MF
Some really nice texturing work going on there.

I especially like the LS robe. (if it is indeed LS)
It is, and thanks!

As for the Leviathan reskin, it's pretty well done. Though i'm not too keen on the floor trim.
Yeah, that area skin is far from final. I'll look into changing that around a bit.

Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
Ooooh an update

Not much for me to say that has been sayed a lot before.

The weapons look cool so far, bit grey though
It's being worked on.

Originally Posted by Q
Was temped to offer my moddeling skills to create you a nice tomb, but I'll get bored to quick anyway
Haven't you got your hands full with Scrapyard Games, anyhow?

Originally Posted by Q
Great to see you've haven't give up and continue to work on this stuff.

Originally Posted by Q
Cheers and untill next year !
Hahah, not this time.

Originally Posted by SpaceAlex View Post
I really like that Star Forge robe lookalike armor (the one on the third screenshot). It seems like a perfect match for a Jedi. Though it is very difficult to see from the small screenshot, I think the gloves look a bit too flat. I may be wrong, though. Perhaps the only problem is the color; try changing it to the color of the majority of the robe.
No, you're right; they are much too flat. I'll look into trying to give them a bit more depth.

The head looks pretty good also, though it's still too much like Dorak's (was that his name?). Perhaps try expanding his beard a bit; I think the model would allow it.
To be honest, I'm not intending on remodelling anything to any great extent at present; there's already enough work involved in this mod, and it's never gone well for me in the past.

Also, the eyes look a bit flat. My skins had the same problem, but luckily redrob41 mentioned it, so I think I'll just quote what he said to me:
Yes, I see what you mean about the eyes. I'll look into that ASAP.

Although, IIRC the head has a quarter of an eye actually on the UVmap, so that may not look too good...
That's all of the feedback I have at the moment. Keep up the good work!
Thanks, you too!

Small update this time, since I'm rather busy at the moment, but I did snatch some time in which to try skinning the khopesh blade, which after a few false starts earlier in the year is now beginning to look something like it ought:

There are a few problems, though, first amongst them being that what the weapon looks like when in darkness. Still, I suppose that's what I get for choosing to skin a bronze weapon.

That's all for now, but in the interests of keeping up the pace and the regular updates, they'll probably be more frequent for now, but smaller.
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