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My problem is not the cliffhanger endings, or with any doubt about the quality of the games, but rather with the premature assumption - at the player's expense - that a fourth game will even be published. I mean, the Monkey Island series, the most renowned adventure game franchise of all time, had four installments, and that was over the course of ten years with all the trials and tribulations that comes with that sort of thing.

My problem is that each game is being made and released like a traditional game, but the overall series is being mapped out like an episodic one. With Sam & Max and Strong Bad Telltale presumably has its **** set up in such a way that will ensure a season will get made - and the episodes are pretty self-contained anyway. AVS is essentially being made one relatively full sized game at a time, but unlike Valve, Autumn Moon is, you know, a startup graphic adventure game developer. If something should go wrong, why should the fans have to suffer by being left with an incomplete story, or at least a story that won't be completed in the way originally intended (an episodic game, a series of novels)?

As I've said elsewhere, if Crimson Cow really did sign Autumn Moon for a series of games, then, awesome, and I'll gladly shut the hell up. Whatever direction Autumn Moon takes, I'll be there. I'm just following the classic Mojo tradition of expressing concerns in an overly paranoid way.
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