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SNM to MP4 With Scummrev., Grisc.exe and Vegas

Thought I'd post my experiences here as a tutorial for who it may interest. I did not encounter any synchronisation problems this way. Users of other editing software might still find useful information here.

SNM to MP4
note: you might have to have the sdl.dll in your windows/system32 folder

put grisc.exe and libpng13.dll in c:\
use scummrev_2012 and rip the snm files to c:\
hit windows-key+R (or find it in Start menu) to bring up the RUN command line, and type:
c:\GriSc.exe filenameprefix.snm a
this will put a huge number of sequentially numbered png grafics files in your c:\ directory, plus one *.wav audio file.
Now, using Sony Vegas Video Software to make a movie out of those, proceed as follows.

In Vegas in a new empty project, specify the project properties:
width 640, height 480, 15 fps (frames per second), no deinterlacing, field order: progressiv, square pixels, audio: 44.1 kHz, 16 bit

Now goto file->import->media, goto c:\ and select the first of the *.png files, don't double click, though, instead watch how the interface changes, giving you the option to import the entire sequence of *.png files now that's what you do.

A small info window pops up, you click ok. In project media you'll now find a new object, representing the grafics sequence. Drag this onto the timeline. Now find the *.wav file and put it below the video track (either via drag&drop from windows explorer or via Vegas Explorer or Import Dialogs). You can watch the movie now. If you just want to export a selection of it, make a loop selection now.

Goto File-> Render as.. If you only want to export a selection, check "render only loop region". For file type select Main Concept AVC/AAC (*.mp4). Hit the "customize" button and make the following adjustments:
project tab: video render quality: optimal
video tab: width 640 height 480, profile main, frame rate 15, field order progressiv, pixel aspect ratio 1,000 , reference frames 2, variable bitrate max 8.000.000 min 4.000.000, two passes
audio tab: sample rate 44.100, bitrate 256.000 Bit/s

Hit OK, name the output file and render the file.
This will use roughly 30 MB/min and provide high picture quality. If you need smaller files, reduce the avarage bitrate setting in the coder.

Play back with VLC Media Player.
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