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Coruscant Entertainment Center

My Fantasy Fiction

Non SW: A knight gathers her team

Posted May 2006, finally getting a review. The only reason it had been ignored before was due to it being non SW.

The piece flowed relatively well. This is one of the first works Tys posted, and one I missed as mentioned above, so…

Reprise Pick of the Week

The Reunited
Chevron 7 Locke

Non SW Set in Stargate Universe: A gift is given…

The piece was rather dry, C7. I have not seen the Stargate Atlantis series (Have only seen maybe three of Stargate at all) so characters were ill defined though I knew enough to know who three of them were. It’s a good piece but too bland for me.

Heroes of the Republic
Jedi Man

Post TSL: A man remembers, and wonders why he is labeled that way

The piece is a well done little piece of introspection. I don’t vote of Jayvar’s, but if I did this might have gotten one.

KOTOR III: Tret'ye Srazhenie: There Is No Death...

Post TSL: The next chapter of Tret'ye Srazhenie; The path is not clear, and discerning it causes death.

The piece started out bland, but boy did it satisfy!

Pick of the week

Mass Effect II: Reaping: Hostage Crisis!

Non SW fiction: Third chapter of the series; an interesting test of ideals.

The piece flowed well, though part didn’t feel quite right. A good chapter Tys.

Deeper Mysteries Of The Force
Marius Fett

PreKOTOR: A Padawan finally gets his chance at the trials.

The piece was well done and flows smoothly. As another had commented, the fight was well choreographed and flowed as well as the story.

Pick of the Week


We have finally reached the point where I will be able to start section 4, Dark side Male Exiles. To facilitate this for the readers of this article, I will mark each section as dark or light, male or female, Revan or Exile.

Dark Side Male Revan

Retribution - I. Collisions
Lord Zuess

PreKOTOR: The capture of Revan; what really happened at that battle?

There were some word usage problems probably due to forgetting to edit. The word ‘libe’ considering the context probably meant line. I always tell people to reread, edit, and rewrite. What praise I have been given on my own work is because I try to put my money where my mouth is. Oddly enough, most of the dings is because I forget to practice what I preach.

The story flowed so well I almost missed where it changed from what we ‘know’ and what you wrote. The change was so skillful I am amazed and delighted by that skill.

Pick of the Week

Almost Dawn

Originally reviewed 11 April 2007 Original review;

A missing scene from Kotor II. Carth and Canderous team up to rescue Revan

This is the fifth time Allronix has been reviewed by me. It just keeps getting better.

Reprise Pick of the Week


Originally posted 12 may 2007 review:

KOTOR II, Darth Traya hides behind the scenes, controlling a Dark Exile.

Allronix is back for the sixth time showing his darker side with this one. The backbiting tone of the work, arguing with someone that is trapped and unable to answer is so perfect.

Reprise Pick of the Week

KOTOR III: The Purge: Prologue
Darth Searus

PostTSL: A new order is created.

The piece is short and sweet, but as Howard the Duck would say, ‘This does not bode well’. I just wish I had time to read it all.


TSL on Nar Shaddaa: From straight-laced Disciple to party animal - just add juma...

I am never surprised when Allronix turns out a first class performance and this was no exception. The characters are in one of those ‘this is normal situations’, but it starts out silly and ends with a slight twist that makes it uproarious.

Pick of the Week

Revan’s Dark Follower

Originally posted 26 January 2007 that review is below;

Set after TSL: Revan returns to known space.

You’re being more wordy that necessary. (she didn’t dare kiss the burning sands of Tatooine, not unless she wanted to burn herself in the process of kissing the ground.) could be reduced and made simpler to read by deleting the last four words for example. There are some words used incorrectly (There instead of their, that kind of thing) these is an editing problem, nothing more.

Introspection is always good for the reader. Too often characters (Anakin in ROTS comes to mind) make decisions that have little or no bearing in what is happening around them. You avoided that trap with this look into her soul.

Very well done.

Reprise Pick of the Week

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

From the one who brought you;
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