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My new baby (and a Pepsi can for scale)

Skate 2

It's good, but a little disappointing from my high expectations. It basically changed San Van from 20% California suburbs, 30% San Fransisco, 30% Vancouver, 20% Old San Fransisco; to 50% Detroit/New Jersey, 20% California highlands, 15% Vancouver, 15% Chicago. It's brown and ugly. Color pallet went from blue, green, gray and white to brown, red, gray, and green.

Left 4 Dead has been treating me very well. I've been having a ton of fun with the game even though they've all be with strangers. If you can find a group with people who talk, then it's great. Kicking ass at the finale of Blood Harvest by all getting into positions and never dying. Did have a ****ty moment with the end of Death Toll that was pretty annoying. Was playing with some pretty disorganized people who wouldn't stop making dumb "Ooo, I'm in the bathroom, I gotta dump! Heheheeh..." jokes. Well, we got to the cabin, they all hide downstairs in the two closets. They think it's a great idea, so I get busy with the molotovs and pipe bombs on the second floor deck. I take out waves of common infected with a few of them. Entire waves! With three pipe bombs and a molotov I kill around 150 or so common infected. The guys were still downstairs waiting for baddies, I thought it was okay because a handful of zombies would reach the house where they'd kill them. I move around to get another molotov when a smoke grabs me. I basically spend 45 seconds yelling at these guys, who I can see downstairs not moving at all, not even fighting with zombies! So yeah, after being the VIP of the game they let me hang until I die, never even move. I was a 15 second walk away from being saved by one of them. Well, they end up dying and I think I stick around for the second try and am one of the last two survivors.

Edit 2:
Actually, I'm starting to have a change in heart to Skate 2. I finally got around to skating around Old Town and holy crap that place looks really freaking cool now. Downtown looks better. I found out how to get on top of the New San Vanelona "Hollywood" sign. So I get to throw my guy off the edge for the lulz. The Projects / The Stacks are really starting to show their awesomeness now. I'm really warming up to the game. Still bothers me that "The Rez" from Skate OG went from being clean high class shops and museums to a sunny Brooklyn ghetto in looks.

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