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Originally Posted by Boba Rhett View Post
Right now the quote list is very short. It'll have quotes from many different sources soon enough.
                          _,yr!'^″    ,,、.y     ゙^>z_
                  _zl厂      .y {l,人.z     ゙\_
                    ,,yr厂       .┐\《, {il|il!.      リi
                 .,ノ厂           .゙\.l!ノ¨ill}li|ト     .ミ
               .,,メ″      .,,yr┘ .'''ーv,,_゙巛)l(゙《;l|,/¨.n_   ._》
              .,ノ″     ._yr'  `      ゙^' 干》lミ^″  ゙》r.,ノ″
             ,/     _,ノ!″                  .lll厂
            ,ノ″  urllll《厂         .__,,,,yuv--ー¬¬¬ .《l!
           .,l「    .,l!.,ノ^      ._,,,yvlll厂 ̄   .___,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,、、、゙ミu,,,,,,_
           .《、   ,ノア   ._,,yv=''゙⌒ ._,,,ur=冖冖¨⌒ ̄       .`゙^>z.
           ゙《lir  .「llr .,yrr冖′ _,yrr^¨′        __,,,yyyzzzzァー冖゙″
            ゙干l==「ミ.   _,,yzr(¨′     ._,,yyzzllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!
                ,ノ冖巛llllll;|l|工||》||》《llllll llllll lllllllllllllll厂《llllllllllllllllll「
                il「,、'=z,リllll|^^^゙⌒ .,ノ'゙リlllllllllllllllllll|「  ゙《|リリ^丁
                リrl| y 》 .「         ゙̄厂′    ミ  .l|
                .゙《.《.illl!   ,,      ー!'゙″  .z!″  .ミ  ,》  ,,yllllllllly
                 ゙《}゙干  ゙リy          `.^^hrvl'′.{′ .|llllllllllllll!
                  \__ 《.  ゙\            .{  ._il|,,,yyz;lllllllllllllll!
                   `゙lli, .ミ           __,,,,,,yyr|rlミミl|^゙⌒ {lllllllllllll.
                    {》 .ミ        n,,,,^゙⌒   .゙|r  l!    《lllllllllll|
                   ,i「 《¥.「  ミ      .´     ./′.il|     ミリリミ″
                 .,,ァノ′.ミ゙)i,   ゙リy          .,l!.,,メ′ I see yo ass, Rhett

"No, Mama. You can bet your sweet ass and half a titty whoever put that hit on you already got the cops in their back pocket." ~Black Dynamite
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