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Originally Posted by machievelli View Post

Post KOTOR, possible preTSL: entry in the Hero contest on LF’s Jayvar’s Cantina. What makes a hero

Spelling errors primarily. The word Promotary was confusing, and the on line dictionary couldn’t find it. Is it possible you meant promontory? sacraficing is spelled sacrificing.

The basics are good, the exaggerating of the first story the kind you can sometimes expect when people want to embellish. The break between the two was well done, though the second was more a resume rather than a story.

I never vote on the contests, but I would have tapped this as one of my choices, your version of a hero, even doing what will damn you because you must was perfect.

Pick of the Week.
thank you very much second potw, yee-haa

as for 'Promotary' i suspect i made it up, though i can't quite remember. i think i was taking my lead from Iain M Banks in making up sci-fi-ish words for areas or peoples, though i admit it's use was confusing D: and yeah, i always spell sacrifice wrong. it's like simile (similie) and things like that. mental block

thanks again
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