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Anakin can't seem to get his ethics under control.....

Okay, well I'm sure a lot of people know this, but as I'm certain there are many here that know far more of the subtleties of this game, I felt like asking.

Has anyone noticed on the first Tatooine level that you can indeed kill every non-essential being in the area and Anakin won't label you a murderer? I still have a save on my Playstation from way back when I even managed to kill off Anakin's mother and still he allowed me to talk to him.

Now, I know much about this game. Stopping the endless flow of destroyer droids in level one, fighting Qui-Gon after Darth Maul's death (thanks for finding that Master Qui-Gon) defeating the endless number of droids that come out of the landing ship in the swamps, getting six juri juices and so on. But this one eludes me to this day. I hope someone here knows the conditions that allow Qui-Gon to go on a killing spree and still remain on the path of the light.

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