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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
Oh that's easy Example:

We want to get married but we're not allowed to because we want more than one wife or more than one husband, because they allow marriage between people of the same-gender. It's against the 1st Amendment, freedom of Religion. And there are some radical religious sects that can use this argument.
I'm afraid I don't see how the allowance of marriage between people of the same sex can cause anyone to want more than one wife or husband, which is what your first sentence seems to assert. Let me see if I have the premises correct:

Because same-sex couples are allowed to marry, others will want to have multiple spouses or child spouses.

You bring up First Amendment rights and freedom of religion, but neither of these really have no bearing on the same-sex marriage issue in the way you are suggesting. There simply is no good reason to disallow same-sex marriage without invoking superstition. There are, however, many good reasons (perhaps for a different thread) to not permit marriage with children and multiple spouses.

But you haven't demonstrated how the conclusion follows the premises, the conclusion being child marriages/polygamy will result from the allowance of same-sex marriages. Indeed, in states and nations where same-sex marriage is lawful, there seem to be no significant (if any) public demands for marriage with children or polygamy. Therefore your conclusions are false and your arguments fallacious.

My intent in pointing this out isn't to be mean but, rather, to show how application of critical thought and formulating an argument is important to civil discourse and governing.

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