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Buh yeah. I'm not opposed to gay marriage, but I definatley don't want to see it in person. It may be homophobic, but I don't care. I often feel sick when I see two males kiss.
All the more a reason for them to do it more often. I'm not 100% comfortable about it myself, but if they are forced to stayed in the closet, how's that going to change ?

If you truly believe so-called "gay marriage" does not affect me or the rest of society, then why are you pushing so hard for it to be recognized? Why not just invent some other term for it, and leave the term "marriage" alone?
I care about my fellow man, mate . Same way I want women to be allowed their abortions even though I don't have a uterus. Same way I want the Kurds, say, to have their own homeland even though I to my knowledge don't have a drop of Kurdish blood within me. Same reason why so many Americans were so fanatically intent on the ill-fated crusade to liberate the Iraqi people.

We humans care about one another, mate. It's just that simple.

What gives you the right to redefine the term marriage to include something it has never included before? THAT looks like an attack upon the traditional institution of marriage - which, of course, it is.
We live in democracies. If the people want gay marriage, they should have gay marriage. If they don't want gay marriage, we have every right to convince them they're wrong. If we can't convince them it's wrong, we're still perfectly entitled to try, or even to

Funny thing about the people oppressing gays is they often have this wonderful ability to make it appear as if they are the ones under attack. Funny really, you can call your victim vile or even mentally ill, deny him rights, and try to keep your schools from teaching kids to be nice to them... and when they try to get back on their feet it's somehow them attacking you.

Homosexuality is judged to be unacceptable by the overwhelming percentage of the American population, the American Medical Association, The American Psychiactric Association, and every honest religion.
I don't know about an "overwhelming" percentage of the US population disliking marriage the same way they overwhelmingly disliked, say, inter-racial marriage and an end to Apartheid. I'll also need links before I believe you when you say that psychiatrists' associations still recognize homosexuality as a disorder. You may also want to ask yourself why it was branded a disorder in the first place. Was it for political or bigoted reasons, or is there really something there?

The religions I buy, though. The Old Testament, nice and cheery book as it is, seem to dislike gays as much as it dislikes picking up twigs on the Sabbath or getting raped within a city without calling for help, both of which merit death penalty by stoning.

The Brick Testament can elaborate further .

This should be obvious even through the media bias by simply looking at the votes. The general election before last every pro-homosexual bill floated failed...every one. This last general election every anti-homosexual bill passed..every one. Don't believe your own propoganda.
I dunno, blacks fared pretty poorly in the US country, too, only fourty years ago, and look who just got elected President. I advice you not to underestimate the ability of your countrymen to look past their differences and move on as a society. It can truly be breath-taking sometimes.

Now keep your vile affections off my marriage!
Oh, but they are. Your marriage isn't affected in any way whatsoever.

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